Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Another Gem

From the last memo:

I have had conversation with teachers regarding the performance of their students.  It was interesting to note that some teachers know exactly what their students need help with to do better.  Can we all say that about each of our students?  Do we know the name and average of each student?  I hope, one day, every math teacher knows the academic performance of each student in his/her class.

Knowing names how how students are performing is one thing. Knowing averages is something else.  Let's see 5 class, 34 kids per class, means 170 averages to know.  I better start making flash cards.


Anonymous said...

Now he wants you memorizing w/o your records?????? It's one thing if you had a small class each and every day, but when I was a cluster I always had to refer to my notes. Was I supposed to remember what a particular student got on a Sept quiz? Do doctors operate w/o going over the patients chart and tests?
Do lawyers go to court without their notes? I doubt my doctor would remember every single patients cholesterol level. They might know if one was high or low, but never the actual number like you would know if a student is doing well or not. And I for one hate looking at a student's cum card before I get a chance to judge them for myself. I had many kids with 4's that I graded as 3's.
So much for knowing their average.

It's really time for Hula to start writing a memo to his assistants and meet with them on lowering teacher stress levels instead of adding to it with this nonsense.

Anonymous said...

These are some memos that may be fun to look back on, to show how 'ludicrous' these directives are.