Monday, November 22, 2010

And On A More Positive Note

I think I am making progress with Problem Boy.  He's been showing up in class.  He's been working and we've even managed to laugh a little at my persistent phone calls.  He's promised to help with the Smart Board we are getting soon.

He might even make it this term.

If I can get through to this kid, I am a winner, no matter what any administrator thinks.  (Problem Boy cut math most of last year.)


Kim said...

Congratulations! Sometimes it's baby steps, and not necessarily the steps that admin wants, that make the biggest difference of all.

Anonymous said...

He will eventually get there. Problem Boy is already beginning to trust you.

I have always learned that humor goes a long way when working with difficult students. This is what got me through my leave replacement when I worked with emotionally disturbed students. Humor was the ice breaker that broke the camel's back in these situations, and I had tons of them.

Anonymous said...

Well, the LA Times might not think teachers like you are effective, but it's not always about test results--it's about personal growth too.

Congrats :)