Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Another Memo

It is early to discuss consistency among the course grade, final exam grade and the Regents exam grade.  Nonetheless, to make sure we all have greater consistency, please make sure you spiral all topics taught throughout the year on your exams. [ A very good idea.]Please refrain from giving unit exams and exam that contains more than 100 points worth of questions.  If you decide to give a 3 point extra credits problem, please make sure it is very hard and challenging.  If more than 30% of your students get the extra credit question right, maybe it is way too easy.  [Why bother building the kids confidence?]The best thing to do is to make sure your exam contains 100 points and no more.  The Final Exam and the Regents exam are out of 100 points.  [Have I been giving a different regents?  Last I looked, you needed less than 30% to pass the algebra regents and less than 50% to pass the other two.]

My comments in red.

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Anonymous said...

LOL....you gotta love the consistency of the consistent language.
Does any of this make sense to anyone out there?