Saturday, October 03, 2015

The Teflon Years

Once I hit the magic age of 55 I felt invincible at work.  I was Teflon.  Any letters to file or unsatisfactory ratings would never stick, I was free to teach the way I wanted to teach, and do what I believed was best for my students.

My former AP, once my friend turned against me in my last few years.  He had complaints about everything I did, things I had done for years and things he was always happy about.  He harassed me but I fought back.  There were many battles.  I often came away wounded but always the victor.

I know there are many senior teachers with APs like my former one.  Many have the years and the age to leave but don't want to.  And, they shouldn't have to leave until they are ready.  My advice to them is to remember they can't be hurt.  Even a teacher working on a third ineffective can walk out the door any time before the end of June.

I left teaching because I was tired of teaching full time in the high school and part time in the college and I was tired of the constant battles.  Although I always came out the victor, the wounds were starting to wear me down.  But, I left on my terms.

My advice to anyone in the position I was in is to stand strong and fight back.  Make that administrator more miserable than he or she is trying to make you.  You can leave whenever you want, even a day before ratings come out.  Don't let anyone hurt you!  Do your job, the job you love the way you know it should be done.  You have the ability to decide when the final battle will be.

(Picture from an old building at Fort Tilden, Breezy Point)

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Anonymous said...

It is that easy ! I always find the young administrators to be easily intimidated! They know we know more and always will.