Thursday, October 15, 2015


While teaching my class last week, I told a corny joke which made my students laugh.  I told them I want them to be happy.  At first they didn't understand why, but then I explained:  If people are happy, they do better in life.  By liking the subject, they would spend more time working on it and in turn learn more and do better.  They agreed.

I love teaching and am so grateful that I have the college to continue the career I can no longer have at Packemin.  The AP there didn't appreciate what I did and made my life unhappy.  So glad that is no longer the case anymore.

(And thanks for retirement that gives me the opportunity to see and photograph beautiful animals like the swan above--picture taken at new and improved Oakland Lake -near Springfield and Northern Blvds.)

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Anonymous said...

Happy for you. So many teachers are simply miserable and its not because of the kids.