Saturday, August 08, 2015

Summer At A NYC High School

It used to be summer classes were provided to help students re mediate and then pass subjects they failed during the school year.

Summer school has a different purpose now and that purpose only involves statistics.  The kids go to school for a couple of hours and get credit for the course.

Fifty kids in a summer class is normal.  Schools like Packemin have no problem doing this in classes like math, English and history, subjects they need to graduate and need to learn to provide college background.

Packemin is rated one of the best neighborhood schools in the city.  How can any school with class size of 50 be rated well?  How can 50 kids packed in a room built for 34 be educated? How can a teacher be expected to help them all?


Anonymous said...

Wow. My retired friend used to teach evening summer night school in Manhattan for years. Most kids were coming from low level temp day jobs to a building without AC squished 90 to 100 in regular sized rooms. Most classes got down to about 30 in a week, but most of those remaining kids actually showed up every day, did all the work, and graduated with pride.

Anonymous said...

There is no pride in students. Students today live in an entitlement mentality. My friend teaches summer school in a local middle school. The same rules apply; as long as students are in attendance students will pass.