Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Wedding

She was a student of mine in AP calculus and I wrote all her recommendations and helped her get into the Time 2000 program at Queens College.  I helped her write lessons when she student taught at Packemin and lost touch with her after graduation.  Several years after student teaching I met her at the community college where she was working, first as an adjunct and then as a full time professor.  (The AP at Packemin did not think she was a good fit for that school.  The college loves her.)

Fast forward even a few more years.  The girl is a young woman and getting married.  I was honored to be invited and thrilled to witness the biggest event in her life.  Pictured above is the tea ceremony from her wedding.

No reward is better than the rewards I have gotten from my students and from knowing the positive influence I have had on their lives.  No negative words from any administrator can take that away.


Bronx ATR said...

Great vindication of all your hard work! To me it means more than money or anything from some admin.So many teachers now refuse to get involved and help their students. It's become an acting job with a script. All the out of work actors, who are also masochists, could become "highly effective" teachers.

Anonymous said...

Some of my former students have looked me up through Facebook recently and filled me in on their career success. Makes me proud of who they have become and my very small part in it.