Friday, June 26, 2015

Department Memo

Dear Teachers,

Today is a great day.  I have succeeded in making another one of you old timers leave.  I have harassed him non stop, gave him U ratings and labeled him ineffective two years in a row.  I wandered into his classroom multiple times, making sure to stop by at the end of days, immediately after fire drills and the last and first day back from vacations.  I don't care how many extra hours he gives his students.  If he did his job correctly, he would not need to spend so much time helping them outside of school.  I have finally won.  He is gone.

I am now one step closer to creating the department I want and I deserve.  You veteran teachers better take this as a warning.  You all know who is next on my hit list.  I have already started writing up your observations for next year and they are not pretty.  I also know exactly how I will berate you at department conferences and insist you observe the 22 year old who has been out of college and teaching for three weeks.  You can't win against me.  Just leave now and save us a lot of work and save yourself heart ache.

Have a nice summer.  It might be your last stress free time for months to come.

Your Loving AP


ChiTown Girl said...

Hey, Girlfriend!!!
I have about six month's worth of posts to catch up on around here, which I'm going to try and do now that school is officially over.

I wish I could say today's post shocks me, but we both know it doesn't.... :-/

Have a great weekend!


burntoutteacher said...

So real, so true.

Anonymous said...

Yep, my friend who had 26 years at the school where we worked together decided to throw in the towel this year. She could no longer take the scheduling madness that they seem to perpetuate on an electives teacher.