Sunday, February 01, 2015

Living History

Stepping onto the grounds of Boone Plantation was like a step back in time.  Walking in slave cabins I had the overwhelming feeling of those people grabbing on to me, telling me their stories.  I felt the cold winds blowing through the bricks.  I felt the pain in the fingers of the basket weavers and cotton pickers and saw the hope in the eyes of those listening to the preacher.  Walking into the plantation owner's house I felt the injustice of those people living so well while others suffered.

I've read the books and seen the movies and they moved me but nothing compared to walking in the steps of those who suffered.

History has to be alive.  What kids would learn in a visit to a place like this can't be measured by a test score.  I post this now in honor of Black History month but this history should be honored every month not just the shortest one of the year.

Pictures were taken at Boone Plantation, Charleston, SC

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