Thursday, February 12, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

The AP wants to send his teachers on vacation feeling good.  Well, actually he wants to feel good, he really doesn't care about them.  He knows he will not have a good week home.  There is no one to celebrate Valentine's Day with and no one except the cashier in Starbucks who is even willing to smile at him.  Being jealous, he will do anything he can to ruin the teacher's time off too.

The AP does not have to think too hard to come up with the best way to ruin every one's vacation.  Armed with his lap top he will pay a visit to as many classes as possible late in the day.  He knows the kids are already on vacation mode and the upcoming day of love is all that is on their teenage minds.

He is now happy.  He feels his manhood swelling at the thought of the hours he will spend writing the reports to ruin their lives.

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Bronx ATR said...

I got calls from 2 friends that they were formally observed yesterday afternoon. One of them had 2 kids in the class, because they all left early! The other was having a Valentine's party. Both are screwed.