Sunday, January 25, 2015

Cheating APs and The Teachers They Love And Support

Another regents week rolls around and once again the AP is assigning proctors who are too afraid of her to proctor honestly.  They know their jobs depend upon her good will and her good will only comes to those who do her bidding.

These newbies are scared.  They still can't believe they got jobs right out of college and landed in a good, safe school with easy parking and good public transportation.  They've heard horror stories from classmates not as fortunate.  They've never had real administrators who know how to teach and how to recognize good teachers.  They've only worked for the one who is schooling them in the art of cheating.  A part of them thinks that maybe the AP is right and this is the way things are done but a bigger part knows it is wrong and will do it anyway.  They want to stay right where they are for the rest of their careers.

I feel for these poor newbies.  They will get caught.  They will all lose their jobs.  Their AP will deny all knowledge of their cheating and will use them to save herself.  She has always done this and always will.  Her boss knows and protects her too.  The good stats will benefit him as well.

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