Sunday, December 14, 2014

No Common Core Saves The Day

Judith Scott was a deaf, almost mute woman with Downs Syndrome.  She was pronounced ineducable and sent to live in an institution for the mentally retarded in 1950.  Because she could not here, and because she missed her twin sister dearly, she became a disturbing influence and deemed unworthy of any sort of training.  In 1985 her twin sister, Joyce, moved her to Oakland Ca, where everyone was entitled to an education.  While in Oakland, she attended Creative Growth Center and got interested in creating sculptures by wrapping different objects with yarn, scraps, and anything else available.

Judith Scott now has an exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum.  She became a world renowned artist.

Judith was one of the lucky ones.  She had a sister who loved her and took care of her.  She got an education in something she had an ability to succeed with.  She didn't suffer in a classroom learning, subjected to Common Core.  Bless the hand on instruction she received and bring it back for all who need it.

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Tamar Flower said...

The Republicans are already working on to de fund Race to the Top.