Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Several years ago I proctored a PSAT exam.  Things were hectic.  We had a short time to set up the room and not much time to give out papers and instructions to the students.  I explained to the group they had to stop at the end of each section.  I told them they could not go on until I told them to.  One girl in the room did not listen.  Once, twice, three times I had to stop her.  Finally I called an administrator and she was removed.  It was only after the exam was over that I learned this poor child was only in the country a few weeks and spoke no English.  I felt horrible about the way I treated her but even worse about her being subjected to a grueling exam for hours.  The poor student was forced to look at page after page of what appeared to be nonsense.  I can only imagine her frustration and then the humuilation she felt being removed.

I believe it is prestigious for the school to have a large number students take this test and they might even get money for each child doing so.  How low we have become!  This is just a legal form of prostitution and these kids are being made into slaves, forced to do their master's bidding.

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