Thursday, October 02, 2014

Another Death

I  didn't know her as well as I knew him but whenever we passed she always had some nice words to say.  She was bubbly and happy and so full of life.

Her mom was sad to say goodbye to a wonderful daughter but knew it was right.  She had no quality of life, or any life for that matter.  Life as a vegetable is no life at all.

I was going to skip the wake, but was glad I didn't.  Her mom was so proud.  She enjoyed hearing the words of praise everyone heaped on her departed child.  It cost me so little time and meant so much.

Two deaths from one school in one week, so sad.  Two people who spent a good part of their lives helping young people become productive adults.


Ms. Tsouris said...

Her mother was an amazing lady. She appeared almost astonished at the outpouring of love for and fond memories of her daughter. I had the privilege of meeting a number of family members and her significant other. I also was glad I was able to say good bye to such a vibrant, caring former colleague.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for your losses. It is hard to see the passing of really good people who lived such splendid lives. When I attend funerals such as those, I always come away wanting to be a better person.