Thursday, July 19, 2012

Flight delayed

TWO FREAKIN' hours. At least we are in this lounge. The beer snacks and coke makes waiting easier. Of course we will probably miss our connection to Portugal. Nothing we can do about that but this really sucks.

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ChiTown Girl said...

Well, crap.

I think we got ya beat, though. My mom, sister and two nieces were supposed to leave for Italy this afternoon. As they were checking in, they were told that my older niece's passport was freakin' EXPIRED!!! She had to stay behind while the other three boarded the plane. My sister's boyfriend whisked her downtown to try and get an emergency passport. Turns out she can't get it without the plane ticket. So now, they have to go get a NEW ticket for Saturday, go back downtown tomorrow, and try to get the passport. Oy! Plus, now she has to travel alone, which is scary when you're 18 and flying to Italy. AND, it's not a direct flight, so she'll fly 9 hours to Rome, then have to figure out how to get to her connecting two hour flight to La Mezzia. Lord help her, I hope there are no issues.