Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mr. I Am Right And You Are Wrong

All yesterday's meeting would have required was an open dialog and there would be no issues to discuss.  But, no, Mr. I Am Right And You Are Wrong prefers lecturing.  (I'll have to remember this next time he complains about a teacher not getting enough kids to speak in class.)

The whole incident revolved around a young man with some emotional problems whose recommendation  I would not write.  The boy did not know who to go to as he is fairly new in the country so I suggest he ask Mr. I Am Right And You Are Wrong as he knew the boy better than I did.  The boy is fragile and I didn't want to tell him my real reasons for saying no.  And, if the conversation was allowed, Mr. I Am Right And You Are Wrong would have heard my reasons and about the 15 recommendations for AP kids that I already wrote.

Mr. I Am Right And You Are Wrong can go around the school and ask anyone as I know he has been doing.  He'll hear exactly what I would have told him had I been given the chance.


Anonymous said...

Stop wasting so much valuable cyberspace on Mr I am Right and You are WRong!!!! What if he does have something that is the size of a grape? Wouldn't you feel bad about wasting so much time and space?

Moriah Untamed said...

Whatever happened to earning praise and/or good grades?

Pissedoffteacher said...

I'll waste whatever space I want on whoever I want to waste it on. And, the thought of knowing about his shriveled grape makes me want to vomit.

Ricochet said...

Uh oh - I didn't realize Anonymous was paying for 1) your time and 2) the Internet....

Love the pic.

Maybe anonymous is feeling, um, exposed?

Moriah, happy for your retirement, sorry for the reason. The Daily Grind had a great post about the difference in students from 1995 to now - or 1965 to now.