Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hey Mr. Education Mayor

Guess what subject I am teaching in this room?

If you guessed art, you can't pass go, you can't collect $200 and you might have to go directly to jail.

The correct answer is MATH!!!! Math to a group of main stream and special education students mixed.

Notice the chalk board in the front--that is the only one in the room.

Notice the seats that are not facing the board.

Notice the social setting for this class.

Testing will be fun--oh wait, they will all do well and that is what you want anyway so what does it matter if they actually learn anything.

I've been teaching a long time and I don't remember these type of classroom conditions when Thompson was in charge.

Exactly, what did you say you did with the $350 million you saved? You certainly did not spend it on the kids who must sit in this classroom daily.


Chaz said...

Pissed off:

Where else is the money coming from to pay high priced consultants and the additional lawyers used to go after senior teachers?

Childre last continues.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Such elegant ambiance in your room!

(Pardon my sarcasm. I just couldn't resist.)

NYC Educator said...

The idiotic suggestion that Thompson was solely responsible for the state of education back when we had a Board of Ed. is almost as ridiculous as the notion that Bloomberg has made things better.

Ms. Tsouris said...

What a great message to send to the kids.....such a welcoming learning environment :-(

mathman42 said...

It reminds me of when I had to teach in our library with a small movable chalkboard. It ain't good for sure. Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

The money is spent on renting trailers to house the veteran teachers (aka the rubber room).