Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Power of the USPS

I accidentally found a great way to get my M&C kids to start studying and caring about grades. I mail home every test paper that is under 55. I started doing this before parent teacher conferences and the results were great. I couldn't believe how many parents walked into the room holding the test with the note expressing my concern for their child and my desire to meet with them. I just gave another test on Tuesday and the results were vastly improved. Even kids who passed the first made sure they studied extra hard. They told me they did not want a test paper mailed home!


Anonymous said...

Nice one! It's the academic equivalent of calling a kid's house in front of the whole class for a behavior issue.

Do you foot the bill for postage, or does the school cover it for you?

Pissedoffteacher said...

I think this one is working better. The school pays for the postage. I just wish they would give me a time to do this in school. It is so time consuming. Luckily more kids are now passing so there are less papers to mail home.