Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Today I watched an African American girl wait for a Chinese girl and a Hispanic boy to walk to class. I watched a Muslim girl tutor a Jewish girl in math. I got an e-mail from two former students,one a WASP and the other Hispanic--they were sitting in the college library doing calculus problems together, trying to remember what they learned in my class last year. A Korean boy tutored an Irish boy. I listened to a girl proudly discuss her gay uncle and his partner. I realized just how great the kids in the school I teach in are. They look at each other and see indiviudals just like them. They don't see race, nationality, religion or sexual preference. Too bad we haven't figured out a way to carry these values into adulthood. These kids could finally bring peace to the world.


Anonymous said...

Very nice thought.

I couldn't agree more.

AprilMay said...

That right there is the reason I loved teaching in international schools overseas!
I have met TOO MANY Dr. and Mr. Suits. I even met a Mrs. Suit a few years back. I decided NOT to get my Masters in Administration, simply because of THE SUITS.

Pissedoffteacher said...

And that is why I like teaching in Queens--the melting pot of the city.