Friday, December 16, 2016

Only Human

Let me begin this post by saying that in my entire teaching career there have not been more than 3 students I really disliked.  Even the boy that threatened me, who I had removed from my class is not someone I hated and had ill will toward.

Anyway, this semester there was a young man in my class who I can say I disliked immensely.  I still wish him no harm and do hope he grows up and becomes a successful person in all ways possible. Donny sat in the back of my class and played with his phone or slept.  When I tried talking to him (which happened more than once) he got nasty so I stopped trying to reach him.  After all, it was his tuition and his time that was being wasted and thankfully, in the college, teachers are not responsible for the students passing.  Our supervisors know that the students are a mixed bag, some good and some not so good.

Donny thought coming to class was enough.  I guess seat time credit is something he picked up in high school.  I know Packemin counted it quite a bit.  Not so in the college.  Test grades count.  Class participation and homework count. I have to admit I enjoyed watching Donny turn all shades of red during the last quiz before the final.  I took pleasure in his missing the final and entering a grade of F on his transcript. I also hope he will learn something from his failure and change his attitude for the future.

I am not vindictive.  Donny got the grade he earned.  But I am also human and delivering it did make me happy.

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