Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Another Good Teacher Leaves

I met a wonderful retired teacher in my UFT origami class.  We chatted and she asked me if I am familiar with any blogs and then mentioned Chaz's School Daze.  I told her that not only did I read it, I knew Chaz and thought he is a great guy and fantastic teacher.  I then introduced myself and she said she was a fan of my blog, read it regularly and even said my words helped her make her decision to retire.

Anyway, all this is background.  I knew I met a kindred spirit when she told me about the harassment she received at the hands of a baby Principal, treatment that lead to her decision to leave.  She knew the Principal expected her to leave her room with all its beautiful decorations behind for the teacher taking her place, the teacher who was a good friend of the Principal..  But she stripped the room bare and took everything with her or trashed it.  She told the Principal she knew a new teacher would want to start with a clean slate although she knew in her heart the opposite was true.

This teacher has seen pictures of the new room and it is not very nice.  She says she doesn't care but I know there is a part of her that is gloating.

Another good, older teacher has left the system.  Children are now being deprived of a caring, experienced, competent teacher.  The Principal only cares about the friend she was able to give a job. Education continues its downward slide and no one cares.

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