Friday, April 01, 2016

School Suspensions-Another Case of Playing With The Stats

Today's Daily News had an article where Chancellor Farina is bragging about the decline in suspensions in NYC schools.

I wish the newspapers would really care about what is going on in the schools and go to the people that know, the teachers, students and deans.  They should stop relying on these statistics that hide half or more than half of what actually happens.  School administrators are more interested in keeping their A ratings and making sure they are attracting the most students than they are in being truthful.  When I taught I saw way too much being unreported.

When people ask me about my former school, I hesitate, not wanting to tell all that I really know because it is better than most schools around.  Still, it is not nearly as good as it is portrayed and while it is pretty safe, no one will ever hear of incidents swept under the carpet that keep the safety rating so high.

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