Sunday, July 12, 2015

Leaving the Dog House

The AP thought her life was made.  The veteran teachers, the ones who saw through her incompetence and her negligence were gone.  She had successfully navigated them into retirement and she had carefully chosen and molded her new staff of minions, servile newbies who quaked at her wide eyed vacant stare and shivered as she yelped and barked.  She thought life was going to be a breeze.  Her minions were all in place to assist the lowest level students get regents diplomas and credit for every single course needed towards graduation whether they deserved it or not.  She figured she could sit back, her feet on the desk and spend the next few years lapping up the perks that come with the job.

The AP, hidden in her own little world was unaware of the quiet revolt going on around her.  The minions had enough.  Albeit young and inexperienced, they were bright and had morals.  They knew what she was doing was wrong and they did not want any part of it.  Behind her back they applied for other positions in schools with APs who hopefully are not so corrupt.  Being young, easily molded and cheap, they got hired.

So now the yapping, barking AP must start all over.  Yes there will be a new crop of minions ready and willing to take the vacated positions but she will have to get off her comfortable chair and start working at molding again. 


Anonymous said...

Those little schools are going to be recombined. That yapping AP may find herself as an ATR AP that no one wants.

Pissedoffteacher said...

A Principal who cared about students would not put up with her.

Anonymous said...

If year after year people keep leaving under this same AP, wouldn't it make the principal think twice about what may be going on in this department? Wouldn't anyone applying for a position here think that there may something more than meets the eye?