Monday, March 02, 2015

The Guidance Counselor

She became a counselor because she hated being in the classroom.  Her behavior management skills were lacking and she gradually started hating the kids.  Guidance was her way out.

Too bad she still hated the kids she was entrusted to help, the kids who were the neediest in the building.   The kids knew how she felt about them and so did their parents.  Many adults in the building knew too.

She will read this and know it is about her.  She will be angry.  She'd be a fool to say something.  No names are used and no school mentioned.  But she will probably complain anyway, outing herself to everyone, even the people in charge.


Mike said...

Yep... I can think of 3 instances of this in my 7 year career.

Anonymous said...

Having been in a classroom at least gave this counselor some tolerance. Today counselors need no classroom experience. The first and only time I needed a counselor to intervene with one of my students she replied, "You teachers need to differentiate in your classrooms. That's all it is!"
Today's counselors are book smart, have no tolerance and lack people skills! But of course the teacher is to blame!

Mike said...

None of the counselors at my school have any classroom experience.