Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Thank You Wimps

I want to thank all the sheep teachers who followed the party line and voted YES for a contract that fills my pockets and does nothing to harm me.

You listened to the UNITY people who bullied you into voting yes, scaring you, telling you this is the best contract you will get.  You were so afraid to go to the end of the negotiating line you took the first thing offered.   Don't whine when you suddenly find yourself a teacher without a school, an ATR and end up with two Principals who don't like you and then on the unemployment line.  A teacher once told me she had no fear of ever becoming an ATR as her Principal loved her.  Well, her "lover" retired and the new leadership academy Principal was not so enamored.  She is now awaiting a hearing to determine if she can keep her job or not.

I'll be spending the next few weeks thinking about how I will spend my money.  I retired in 2011 so I get 4% and then another 4% compounded, plus my pension is recalculated and I get retro money on that and of course my base pension will increase too.  I guess you don't mind letting the city hold your money for another 6 years or so and you don't mind being forced to stay at a job you would like to leave.  And definitely don't cry if you don't last the wait to collect and you get nothing.

I always found most of the teachers I worked with to be wimps.  They bitched and complained but when it came to standing up, they never did.  They waited for someone else to speak and offered no support if that person fell down.

I feel for those who had the sense to vote no.  There are not enough teachers with backbone.

I had everything to gain with this contract, nothing to lose and I urged every teacher to vote no.  I don't want extra dollars that come at the expense of others.  You have all voted.  I will spend my windfall thinking of you.


harvey said...

dear po'd you are so right teachers are sheep. I voted no for the sake of my fellow teachers and now I am going to retire with my 28 year pension I too thank our wimps!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, me too. I believe this takes the cake as one of the worst contracts ever, but it's the first one I will not be working under. My school's motto should have been, "Thank god it wasn't me."
The ATR situation should have been enough to vote it down. Vague medical costs. So sad. Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Teachers are more than wimps, they are self-centered. To say you will never be an ATR is really saying you don't give a f@#! Just wait until something changes in your school and positions are lost.

Maybe the other city unions will prove to have a stronger rank and file.

OneMoreYearToGo said...

Bravo! Well said. As a teacher who voted "NO" for the benefit of all, I can't wait for my time to be up so I do not have to be at the mercy of the sheep who continually undermine us for a couple of extra shekels...most of which will wind up back in tax and U.F.T. coffers anyway.

Anonymous said...

Sad. I feel sold out! I want out of this union!

Anonymous said...

Yup.....I will retire next year....never cared about the money when I voted no thanks to squirreling away the max tda for more than 20 years. My retirement income will be sweet regardless and I doubt I will become an ATR by next June. I feel for those who are stuck if they voted No. If they voted yes...well...they will simply reap what they have sewn.

Mike Zamansky said...

I too voted no but figured the contract would pass.

I'm too young to retire but next year is year 25 so thank god for 55-25.

I hate to say this, but not only are too many of the rank and file sheep, too many just aren't that smart.

Mike Zamansky said...

I too voted no but figured the contract would pass.

Alas, I'm too young to retire, but at least next year will be my 25th and I can leave (thank you 55/25).

I fear that not only are too many of the rank and file sheep but that too many are just not that bright.

Anonymous said...

My friend who is SBST in a middle school voted no and saw right between the lines of this contract. Even worse, her creep of a principal has had his eyes set on applying and making his middle school a PROSE school. All of the staff are pissed beyond belief.

I can give more info but I can not. This school was already selected by the Chancellor's office. Will send a message privately.


Anonymous said...

Nothing upset me more than the picture in the UFT paper (really the Unity Rag) that showed all the delegates with their hands up approving the contract that they haven't read. What a joke. The class size stays the highest in NY State and so does the number of observations along wirh continuing the horrible ATR system. And wait and see what the revisions in the health care system will be. The sheep have spoken. As always they will do as they are told.

It's great to be retired!!!

Po Teacher--Keep up the great work.


Anonymous said...

My friend decided to retire in June instead of wait for next year. Even though she is retiring, she still voted no because she asked herself, how would I vote if I was working for another 20 years? She said, morally that answer would be no.


I noticed that... said...

I love your cojones!

That's why I posted your blog on my FB. This way the "wimps" can read all about the sellout contract they voted for. I'm retired and I tried to inform all my colleagues, who are still working, to vote NO. Throwing your colleagues who are ATRs under the bus for 30 pieces of denarius is a Judas behavior (Unity).

Keep it going!