Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Anything To Get Them Through

To:  Jones, Marcie:

Due to PAST/CURRENT failure in the courses listed below, you have been MANDATED to take the following courses beginning Tuesday, January 22, through Friday, January 25, 2013.

COURSE                                        ROOM                                TIME
Algebra I                                             512                                      8am - 11am
Phys Ed                                            Gym                                    11am- 1 pm

Attendance is mandatory each day in order to receive credit.  If you are scheduled to take a Regents/RCT you will be exempt the day of your exam.

Marcie to AP:  Ms, I have two RCTS.
AP:  Don't worry.  Just show up two days and you will receive credit.

And so the sorry state of education in the city of New York continues.  A whole semesters worth of work will be made up in six hours.  No wonder kids graduating today are not ready or able to succeed in college and the work place.

(Imagine expecting a student to go to school 5 hours straight!  This schedule has got to be illegal.)


Anonymous said...

Speaking of RCTs - they are gone after next year. Am going to love trying to teach students who are on a third to fifth grade reading and writing level how to pass a test (ELA Regents) that is geared to a 10th/11th grade level student. All it takes is magically turning an 8 year old mind into a 16 year old mind in five months! Should be just wonderful. I can't wait until they take the safety net of RCTs away. Any other readers find it criminal they are doing this?

Pissedoffteacher said...

And just think how lucky you will be to have your value as a teacher depend upon how these kids test.

Anonymous said...

the ELA regent has been "dumbed" down so much a 2nd grader can pass! The same is true for all the other regent exams as well. The passing grade on the Algebra regent is 16 short answer questions out of 39.Don't worry, your kids will pass!