Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Self Pleasuring

I just read Lori Wheal's article in the Post.  This "master" teacher is leaving the profession because her position as a teacher mentor has been discontinued and her career is "stuck in neutral, with no clear path of advancement."

News flash for Ms. Wheal:  Most teachers don't become teachers hoping for advancement.  We become teachers because we enjoy working with children and want to make a difference in their lives.  Except for administration, teaching is not a career that promotes advancement.  If, as she states she really cares about students, she would take her "master" status back to the classroom where it could help students.  Instead, she is intent of going back to school to become a policy maker, one of those people who spout lots of BS that have no real application to the classroom.  Being a "master" teacher she should realize that educational theory and practice have little to nothing in common.

Ms. Wheal considers herself a master teacher.  I taught for over 30 years and have colleagues with even more years and we don't call ourselves master teachers.  We have good points and for the most part have been successful with our students.  Some one who has taught a mere 10 years still has a lot to learn. 

Masturbation might be a better description of Ms. Wheal.  She certainly wrote an article for self pleasuring.


Ms. Tsouris said...

Madame Wheal is a master baiter.

Pete Zucker said...

You could have chosen a different photo. I mean for the male readers

Pete Zucker said...

For the male readers a different photo could have been used, no?

Pete Zucker said...

Oh icky! Change the photo!!!!

Unknown said...

Your a riot! and right on with Ms. Wheal - wheally
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