Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Not There Yet

Everyone keeps asking me if I am excited, if I am looking forward to what tomorrow holds.  I wish I could answer in the affirmative, but I am not there yet.  In fact, I'm further away than I imagined I would be.

It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, saying goodbye to my seniors.  These kids leave every year and swear up and down that they won't forget and will be back to visit.  While some do, most go on (as they should) to their new, exciting lives in college and never look back.

My crazy algebra kids, now that is an entirely different story.  This is the group that did little to no work and drove me crazy.  Yet, this is the group that lined up for hugs as they walked out of the room and are already begging me to come back for their graduation, adding "if" they graduate.  This morning, my pain screamed and told me I ruined her life by calling her mom but wants me to meet her here over the summer to start teaching her geometry.  (This is not happening.)

And this, written by another pain:

Where to start.  Well, thank you for always calling my mom.  LOL.  I hate it but thank you.  If it wasn't for you calling I'd probably be failing math class and also the regents.  You are an amazing teacher and an amazing woman with a good heart.  Even though our class gives you a headache you still stay calm and teach us.  I just want to thank you and to go on knowing you made a difference in some body's life and that's me.  

My prayers go out to you and your father.  Stay strong Miss..  You deserve the best.
P.S.  Keep calling my mom.  LOL
These words from my one of my favorite cutters.

I really do regret not coming  to class enough and not trying hard cause you make everything so much simpler.  Next year when I'm sitting in math class, I'll think of you and remember to do good.
One of my students suggested I get a year book.  Instead I got a notebook and have been letting the kids write me messages to remember them by.  They are beautiful and will give me something wonderful to look back on.

 What I got from the algebra are heart wrenching.  I hope they make it, but even the ones that no they won't, don't blame me.  (pictured above are my algebra kids--spending their lunch reviewing for final and regents exam)I expected nice words from the AP kids.

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Anonymous said...

Those were heart-warming notes of affection. It is always that you expect the least from that surprise us the most.

P.S. These students will be remembering you forever. They are not going to forget you.