Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Sweet Young Thing and Thirty Year Veteran have both been absent quite a few days lately. Thirty Plus' two year old son was hospitalized last week and had emergency surgery. She is a single parent. Sweet Young Thing lives at home with her parents. Neither one of these teachers had coverage material for their classes on the days they were out.

AP to Sweet Young Thing:

His Ms. Sweet. Welcome back. I hope you are feeling better. We all missed you. Don't worry about substitute work. Mr. Z will run stuff off for you.

AP about Thirty Year Veteran (she has not returned to work yet.) Rant was made in the office--full of kids and teachers.

I can't believe Thirty is still out. She takes off too much. She did not leave any work for her classes. I am going to put a letter in her file. I will not put up with this behavior from teachers in my department.

By the way, Thirty has quite a few sick days in her bank even though she had hip replacement surgery and was out eight weeks last year. She almost never takes a day off. She even arranged to give birth while on sabbatical.

Mr. AP is making his feelings about us veterans known. He is also making the veteran teachers resent the sweet young ones, which is sad. Most of them, including this one, are good, caring teachers. They don't want this special treatment. Overall they want to be treated like everyone else.


17 (really 15) more years said...

The young, inexperienced teachers in my building repeatedly have their asses kissed by administration.Some of them might turn out to be good teachers, but the majority are truly awful. The rest of us (meaning anyone with more than 10 years in the system) are treated like crap. My AP screamed at me the other day when I was taking 2 classes to lunch because the sub never bothered to return to homeroom (the sub who happens to be the fiance of one of the young and chosen). She was annoyed because the kids were noisy. Normally I would have ignored her, but she screamed at me in front of the kids in the main lobby. I followed her back into the main office and said, "Did you notice that there were 60 kids behind me? YOU'RE precious sub didn't bother to pick up the kids." She didn't say a word. I'm not taking that crap from anybody just because I earn more money than the newbies

JUSTICE not "just us" said...

Is this policy written anywhere?
To treat the vets like sh*t?
The same thing is happening in building. Lord do these adminstrators follw orders to the letter. It seems it is the same cast of characters in every building only the names change!

Anonymous said...

How about the ATRs that have lost retention rights--most of us are over 40! Not only are we out of our old positions, but principals won't hire us because we are too expensive, and "over the hill"--they can not brainwash us like they can the new ones! No one has respect for us, and most of us are great teachers. Klein and Bloomberg have ruined our careers and taken away our dignity.

Pissedoffteacher said...

ATRs are truly an abused lot. I have become friendly with a great one in my school. This woman wants to teach, wants to help kids, but our principal will not let her. Yet, our school is paying retired teachers F status salaries to come in and do G-d knows what. The system sucks.