Friday, October 05, 2007

Something Smells Really Bad

My school is creating a new position in XXXX department. YYYY is an ATR in the building, licensed in that subject area. ZZZZ was brought in from the outside to teach a model lesson and audition for the position. Rumor has it that ZZZZ was not very good, or even prepared for the lesson. ZZZZ will probably get the job. YYYY was not given an opportunity to apply. Something is rotten in the NYC school system.


Schoolgal said...

So how to principals justify being in charge of their budgets when they already have someone on staff who can fill a position, yet hire someone else.

Of course principals have way more power to create "cushion" jobs.
In a few years news stories that used to cover custodians hiring family members will now be the domain of NYC principals. It will be Roslyn all over again.

JUSTICE not "just us" said...

This is happening all over the city. A young teacher from Texas in my school stated in a student run magazine that it is OK for teens to consume alcoholic beverages but that they shouldn't come to school drunk as that would not be any fun at all. She was let go because the bad publicity. Now being that she is a good looking young lady, blonde and blue eyed and despite that her knowledge of her content area is questionable-Spanish,I know I attempted to have a conversation with her in the language, she simply applied to the school across the street from ours, a much better school with good attendance and test score, and she was hired!

Now if I applied to that school where she is now teaching Spanish with a U rating and 20 years of teaching experience and with my pigmentation and age(50 in Feb) do you think I would have gotten the position? It doesn't matter that I am fluent in the langauge she pretends to know. She is young, cheap and good looking(she can flirt with the boys and keep them under control).

Yep these things are happening.

Pissed Off said...

The pretty young things are not necessarily good at keeping the kids under control. Lots of us old timers do a much better job of that. said...

That type of news is really making me pissed off too. In my school we have several day to day subs , and NO not ATR's working on a daily basis! Why should they be working(nothing personal) when someone who has paid their dues (literally and figuratively) not have a permanent position? Guess what? These day to days are either related to the adminstration or a friend of a friend. Almost makes me not want to pay dues! I could have saved up that money for a tummy tuck, face lift and breast implants. hehehe