Sunday, March 29, 2009

Procrastinating Sunday

Does this look like the work station of someone who has an operational left side of their brain?

You can't even see the whole mess because I don't have a wide angle lens? Notice, I have to be in view of a turned on computer at all times. And, who in their right mind would stop and take a photograph of the disaster, download and edit it and then publish? I still have tons to do and with Passover around the corner, I have to hit the stores and start cleaning my house. And I finally got my bonus assignments marked and graded. Since the some of my geometry kids are so weak, I gave them a copy of the last test, told them to get help and I would count it 60 -40 with the original test to help their grades. Only about half bothered to do it, but they are also in the pile.

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institutrice said...

This is what my house is going to look like shortly... I have 2 reading tests, 2 math quizzes, a math test and a spelling test to grade today. Oy!