Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Power Of The Nag

Rosie went to six out of seven classes today. And, she was happy. She knows I am the one that got everyone on her case and she doesn't hate me! I hope everyone that is nagging her keeps up their work. I know I will keep up my end. I even promised to buy her Chinese food if she manages to pass three classes next marking period. (I figured we better go in baby steps and not aim for them all.)

Dougie was one of my babies for the past two years. (He's not in my class this term.) He needs to pass the global history regents and has been assigned a history review class that I discovered he wasn't attending. I walked him there day one and I check to make sure he is there and working every day. Last week, he went home early sick and brought me the pass. Monday he was no where to be found when I checked up on him. I got his mom's work number and called her immediately. The next day he just gave me his cute little grin, called me a stalker and told me he was taking out an order of protection against me. I know he loves the attention.

I got a new kid in my geometry class who has not been working. I was reading him the riot act when one of the other kids turned around and said "You better not piss her off, she's vicious." Maybe just a little vicious, but mostly a nag. I like to get my own way.

Now I've got to figure out who to nag to get the school to shorten the announcements being made in the morning and the afternoon. They go on and on forever and waste way too much time. Even the kids say they prefer listening to me. That has got to be an indication of how bad they are.


Son of Pissed Off said...

These kids don't have a clue of your nagging abilities!

Pissedoffteacher said...

Son, are you trying to tell me something? Have I ever nagged you? Would I do that to someone I love?

Pink Floyd said...

Your AP Calculus class was like a nag-fest, and you claimed to love every one of us!

Pissedoffteacher said...

So, you are saying that in the past I have nagged my students? Me? Did it do any good?

Anonymous said...

Morning announcements!!!!!

They should be banned!!! My principal even had announcements made during the state-wide tests!! And she repeated everything she said 3X!!!!


Miss Eyre said...

Do not get me started on morning announcements. MAYBE once a week, there's something useful. The rest of the time, it's silly trivia questions and reminders to the children to behave. Like that works when you repeat the same tired message every day. "Remember, your thoughts become your attitude, and your attitude becomes your actions,"...blah blah blah. Every day. The kids totally roll their eyes and, frankly, most of the teachers do too.