Tuesday, August 31, 2010


We have been getting phone calls from a company claiming to be Brooklyn Union. They want to come in an give us a free evaluation of our chimney. The evaluation is free because of our age. This didn't sit right with me for three reasons.
1. We have Con Edison Gas, not Brooklyn Union.
2. The caller used the name my phone number is listed under, not the name my Con Ed bill comes from.
3. Con Edison does not know our ages.
4. When I called the number on the caller ID, I got a random answering service, a service that answers for many companies, not just Brooklyn Union and the area code was 631.

Beware: Ignore calls from Brooklyn Union and be wary of the number (631) 940-8501

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this warning. Unfortunately these scammers get a lot of elderly suckered in. And, Brooklyn Union changed their name to National Grid so this call must be coming from another state or city.