Sunday, August 22, 2010

Chihuahua In Charge

The little chihuahua was feeling mighty important because the warden decided to put him in charge of his section of the pound. He walked around with his head in the air, squeaking orders at everyone around. He strutted around with his head and tail held high and had not a care in the world as the warden was always around to pick up the doo doo dogs tend to leave behind. One day the warden was called away and chihuahua was left all alone in the pound. The doo doo began to pile up and he had no idea what to do. All the little poo bags were way up high, the ladder was hidden and the warden could not be reached to help. The other dogs barked loudly. They did not like living in a room full of feces. They surrounded chihuahua and demanded answers. Chihuahua was scared. He put his head and tail down and whimpered away. He found a small corner where he remained until the warden arrived the following day.

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NYC Educator said...

I was out with my wife and remarked on how incredibly big the mice were in a certain neighborhood. She corrected me, pointing out that was actually a chihuahua. What with those annoying squeaky whines and all, I found it hard to tell the difference.