Tuesday, August 03, 2010

One Of My Amazing Students

I sent e-mails to my calc kids asking how they did on the exam. The replies have been slow coming, which is getting me nervous. I did hear from quite a few 5's and 4's, but those kids love to share. And then, I got this e-mail tonight.

Hello Ms. POd!!!!
I hope your summer is going great. i just got back from Nepal today. Sadly for me, my vacation was spent going to clinics to get shots and medicine (A stray dog bit me and thank god, it didn't have rabies). I had a great deal of trouble digesting airplane food after the food poisoning I got while in Nepal :(
But on the bright side, I got to see my grandparents and get back in touch with my roots and culture again :)

I just saw my AP Calc score and I scored a 5!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH MS POD!!! Hunter gave me 4 credits for Math 150, and now I can take Math 155. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING THE AMAZING TEACHER THAT YOU ARE. You made my senior year memorable. I am really glad for and jealous of the students who will receive the opportunity to learn from you. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU SOOO MUCH. Have a GREAT vacation Ms. POd :)


ChiTown Girl said...

How cool is that?!

Ricochet said...

Atta girl for both of you!!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful and touching email.
I bet a lot of your kids are away, but will get in touch with you.

btw, what is the passing score 3 or 4?