Sunday, August 01, 2010

Lies and Exaggerations

The don't want her in the school anymore. Maybe they are right but their methods are cruel beyond words. The leaders of the Spanish Inquisition could have taken lessons on inhumane treatment from them.

She got the letter that supports the "U" rating. It was full of lies and exaggerations. After a long successful career of over 40 years it was now determined she could do nothing right. The administrator who wrote the letter is not much of a teacher. The admin has been caught making many mistakes while teaching and has been taught much of the material by other teachers. We are taught to always mention some good when we correct a child. We are told to always mention something positive before delving into the negative. This lesson does not pertain to admins correcting teachers.

She is strong. She won't go until she is ready to go. The system needs to find a more humane method of helping her decide to leave.


Anonymous said...

Like you say, maybe there is a good reason for wanting her out. But, I am sure there had to be some good points in her lesson. Even if she's not ready to retire, she is so lucky to have that option. I know if it were me, I would not want to be in an environment that didn't respect me as a teacher. But worse is when your peers don't respect you either. Won't staying put a bigger target on her back and give her a stressful year. One minor mistake will not go unnoticed. But, like I said, she is one of the lucky ones to have 2 options--stick it out or retire.

Anonymous said...

With 40 years in, she is due to leave because who knows how many good years left she has.

On the other hand, she is an important lesson to all those new shiny youthful teachers. Let them all see that nothing you ever do is counted in your favor.

Let them see what happens to someone who has truly given their lives to the job.

Let the young upstarts see what the shake and bake adminstrators do to someone who they are not fit to lick their boots.

Let the adminstrators work extra hard. Let the senior teacher file every kind of grievance possible to keep the official types busy.


Angry Nog

Pissed Off said...

She knows what to expect. She is ready for her second U. But, she will leave on her terms, not theirs.

This year, she tried to do what they wanted. Everything she did was criticized, even when she followed their directives to the letter. Next year, she will do as she pleases. They lost big time, not only becuase of that, but because this teacher has always mentored and helped the young and many teachers owe their successful careers to her.

Anonymous said...

I agree she should do what she thinks is best for her students. But if they stick her with behavioral problems, and stack the deck against her, then not only do I have a problem with your admins, but also with the union. I hope all the teachers she mentored stand behind her as well.

I honestly wish her the best of luck.

Pissed Off said...

One of the teachers she helped is now an admin. The admin told the team teacher "don't make it too easy for her, we want her to retire." So much for the young helping the old.

Anonymous said...

What a terrible thing to say. And no wonder your staff does not respect an admin who would act in such a way.

mathman42 said...

I was told that there were a record 1800 U's throughout the system. More about this at a later time.