Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Owen Update

Hi, I'm Owen. I looked up my transcript online and I already know my score for the trigonometry regent. I got a 98. I tried to contact school today. But no one answered

Do you know when the counselor will be available or should I wait until the first day of class to see Guardian Angel?

How can anyone not love a kid like this? Not only did he study on his own, he followed through by contacting the school early enough to make sure he is programmed correctly. And, when he couldn't get through to the school, he contacted me!

We both had no luck finding Guardian Angel's contact information but I did have another person for him to contact. I sent him the information and I know Owen will be well cared for. The original plan was for Owen to be in the AB class, but seeing the 98 he got on his own, I am hoping they will find a spot for him in BC.

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Anonymous said...

What a marvelous kid :)
I hope he gets placed correctly. Knowing you, you will make sure!!