Saturday, August 07, 2010

Time Warner Sucks

I've been on hold with them over an hour.

I have been paying my bill by x-press pay for years. A few months ago we had some fraudulent activity on our account so we changed our credit card number. I immediately changed my card number with them. But, did they change it, NO!!!!!!!

For the past three months, I have been on the phone with them more hours than I have been on this computer (slight exaggeration) trying to straighten things out. Every month I am promised it will be taken care of. Last week we got an e-mail telling us we were up to date. Today I got a letter threaten to disconnect.

I HATE THEM!!!!!!!

I know Verizon is just as bad. My neighbor waited over a week for them to show up and fix her phones. FIOS is not available in my area.

Finally got an answer. A promise that things are taken care of and I can call back on Wednesday to check. It is a good thing technology does not allow me to reach through the phone and hurt someone because if it did, I would be writing this from a prison cell now, provided they had wireless.


Anonymous said...

I have had problems with both Verizon and Time Warner. There ought to be a consumer protection bureau to deal with the likes of them.

Shannon said...

Behold! The Worlds MOST Obnoxious Sign!
GO TIME WARNER! You really do SUCK!