Friday, August 06, 2010


A and B decide to have lunch together and to invite C and D to join them.

C answers the phone immediately and responds in the affirmative.

D does not answer and messages are left on both home and cell phones asking D to return the call. D does not respond so e-mails are sent. Still, no response from D.

A knows D often forgets to call so A calls D one more time and this time D answers. D says lunch would be wonderful but wonders why B did not call. "Is it possible that B doesn't really want me to come? I don't want to show up where I am not wanted." A assures D that D is wanted and and wanted especially by B. After some persuasion, D agrees to go.

I know how D feels. If I am not 100% sure I am wanted, I tend to not show up either. What is with us? Why do we all lack the confidence we need to move ahead?


Anonymous said...

I am friendly with A and B. A and I email each other every single day. I see or hear from B occasionally, but happened to be in B's company once a week for about 10 minutes (I would pick her up from school after a class I was taking a drive her home). So when C emails that same day to invite me to go to a Broadway show that A and B are attending, I make an excuse not to go. I wanted to go, but the fact that A and B never mentioned it to me (especially A who emails me daily telling me about her daily plans) made me think I was not wanted by A and B.
C really wanted me to go.

Maybe I was wrong, but I found the whole thing strange. If someone who was supposed to call and said she called didn't call, it would make me wonder too. With answering devices, emails, and Caller ID, it's hard to fake that you called.

Ms. Havisham said...

This appears to be a normal state of affairs. I've been all of them: A,B,C, and at times D as well. Those of us who appear confident most of the time do have those "feeling unwanted" moments. I guess it just happens.....