Thursday, August 19, 2010

Life Is Too Short To Stay Home Or To Work

Walking under the Manhattan Bridge today, camera in hand as usual, this young guy asked me to take his picture and put it in the paper. I promised to put it here, the next best thing I could do and gave him the address so he could find it. Hope he looks.

I thought about asking to proctor regents and mark exams as I have been spending so much money this summer and could use the extra cash but the thought quickly slipped my mind when I realized how few days were left for me to roam the city I love. There are still so many places I have to hit and being away so much really cut into my city time.

Today's adventure started in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Last summer I walked the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge so this year I was determined to walk the last remaining one from the borough I know little about. (Still on the agenda is walking the 59th St Bridge.) Getting there was easy, the F train to Delancy and then my choice of trains to the Marcy St station. I explored the neighborhood a little before I hit the bridge. From there, I wandered down to the lower East Side and found a fantastic hole in the wall Chinese place (Prosperity Dumpling located at 46 Eldridge St) for lunch. I had a sesame pancake with vegetables, only $1.25 which was one of the best things I ever ate. I walked under the Manhattan Bridge and checked out the fruit and vegetable vendors, wandered a bit more, headed up to Canal Street for watch batteries and then continued on through Little Italy, SOHO, the Village and finally wore out at 14th and 6th where I caught the subway home. I just finished editing my pictures and posted them on facebook. I do it for me because I am sure everyone is sick of looking at my pictures.


Ricochet said...

So many streets so little time.

I just added a student from Jamaica High, so a "neighbor" of yours - came one day then missed a day, sigh.

Anonymous said...

You should bottle and sell your energy!!