Saturday, May 23, 2009

When Hell Freezes Over

Well, hell didn't freeze over but two things happened that a few years ago I never dreamt could happen, let alone happen at the same time.

1. I went to the military ball and had a great time. Actually, I have been going for years and always have a great time but I was the biggest opponent of JROTC when it first came to Packemin and I still can't believe I now support the program.

2. I sat at the same table as the principal and talked to him. I even stood up and applauded with the rest of the school. Well, that hurt a little and my husband did give me that extra nudge to get up. No amount of nudging could have ever gotten me to stand for Suit, but that wouldn't have been an issue. He never bothered to show up for this or any other JROTC event unless there were television cameras present.

How will I ever show my face at work again?


Chaz said...

pissed off:

I thought I would never say this. You are just a shameless suck up!

Of course I still love you

Pissed Off said...

I agree--my face is red.

My husband actually talked to him more than I did. I have a hard time sitting in one place for any length of time so I wandered around a good part of the evening.