Friday, May 08, 2009

Slave Labor

I'm not doing this next term. Telling me I'm good at it is not going to change my mind. (If you know me and want to know what this is, just ask. I'll tell, but not here.)


Rick Patterson said...

I bet it's AP Math.
Whaddya say?

Rho said...

I'm missing the best parts; I can't see your other blog!
I'm teaching all five sections of Freshman English next year, and we could only find 10 out of 100 who qualified for the Honors section. We have been warned by the middle school teachers to be aware of the pot-smokers/sellers and kids who cuss out teachers. I can't wait to get those ones!

Pissed Off said...
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Pissed Off said...

I will end up posting that post here. Out of respect for the people it was directed against, I just thought I would wait until I spoke to them directly.

I will never willingly give up my AP class.