Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Best, Not a Friend

Our CC is retiring! It's about time. I always felt he had his own agenda, an agenda which sometimes had nothing to do with the agendas of the teachers he represented.

I used to be on the executive board with him. Even with my big mouth, I had a hard time getting a word in, let alone an issue presented, unless it was an issue he wanted.

Years ago, I always felt he "slept" with the principal. We had loud meetings with Principal Fire and as the executive board members left, CC stayed behind. I always wondered if they shook hands and had a brandy and cigar when the meeting ended.

After Principal Fire retired, we got a female Principal that CC could not "chill" with. I knew things were bad when I walked out of exec board meetings feeling sorry for her, a woman I did not like. At that point, I dropped off the exec board.

I could never figure out CC's relationship with Suit. At one time, I am sure they were friends but who knows now. I know they had some down and dirty battles, but, again, they were only CC's issues.

I have no idea about what CC's relationship with the new Principal is.

All I know is that CC is retiring and at least two people on the exec board want the job. Both are good people, people I like. Both are friends of mine. One is much more qualified than the other. This one has been involved in union issues for years. This one has gone to delegate meetings and understands how our union needs to be changed, how it is no longer a union that fights for us. This one is fighting for change. The other one does not have the experience or the drive. The other one is the one CC is supporting. The other one has people walking around, asking if you are a friend and will support the move to become CC.

I'll probably make a few more enemies with my decision but I don't care. I know who the better person for the job is. Not only will that person get my vote, but I will proudly campaign for that person as well. Our school needs and deserves that person.


Anonymous said...

Ladies and gentlemen, santa claus has left the building.

Anonymous said...

Bet that Chapter Leader is Unity. And bet that Unity is behind trying to get a less involved chapter leader who they can control.