Sunday, May 24, 2009

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Junior left early (again) to go to his baseball game. His dad is so sure that he will be a pro that baseball is all that matters.

I am not being asked to sign the paper that release him from my class any more, someone else is. I was told I won't be held accountable for Junior's failing grades. (Junior got a 37 on last week's exam.)

Junior left for the weekend without picking up homework. Next week's exam will come from that packet and problems like the ones in that packet. I am guessing that Junior will fail again. It is not my problem.

I hope Junior does make it to the pros. It is his only hope of avoiding a career that involves following elephants in the circus with a large garbage can under a certain part of their anatomy. Even if he does make it (I don't even want to think about the odds against this happening), with a father like his, I wonder how long he will last before he does something stupid and that career is over.


kherbert said...

The father is an idiot - you know that. I have a family full of athletes - some make their living playing for a period of time, some work as coaches, and one is an Olympian (1st Cousin).

Every single one of them have a University Degrees.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely hate it when parents (and kids) put sports ahead of education. Good luck to Junior. He's going to need it...especially if he does not make it to the pros.