Friday, May 22, 2009

A Benefit Of Teaching Smart Kids

Our Arista bought a block of tickets for Mary Poppins and since the president of Arista is one of my calculus kids, he gave me a chance to buy two ticket. Although the seats sucked (balcony with a pipe in front), I jumped at the chance. Mary Poppins was not really in the running of shows I wanted to see, but how could I resist $25 tickets and a chance to spend an evening at the theater surrounded by the kids I love.

The New Amsterdam Theater is magnificent. I really loved the wood carving.

Hidden in a staircase


Faces like these are all over the place. I have a thing for faces.

Of course the best part of the evening was the walk down Ninth Ave.

All the open air restaurants and bars people can enjoy in the nice weather.

Amy's Bread

I love this place--trendy and great burgers (I only eat the veggie ones, but they are great.) The place is pricey but a nice treat. Get there before 6 or you will have a long wait. I don't understand why people want to eat on the street. The traffic from vehicles and people make the atmosphere here pretty awful.

I really liked this old fashioned barber pole.

And, of course, the walk across 42nd St

Family having their portrait drawn

There were so many mounted police in front of theater.

My husband thought Packemin HS could use one of these outside to use as a lounge or a tutoring room.
Port Authority

The there was the walk from the subway

And the walk across 41st St. My husband noticed this weird clock on the Hilton Building. I have to go back and take some more pictures.


Floraine Kay said...

Great pictures!

sandi said...

those balcony seats that are in the front row of the balcony are the pits. My feet wouldn't fit, then I had to deal with that damn pipe. If you sit back you can't see and sitting forward the whole show is miserable. So during intermission I sat up higher in an empty seat.

Great show though!

Pissed Off said...

Our seats weren't that bad, except that they were high.

I didn't care much for the show. I've seen so many that I liked much better. I'm glad you liked it.

sandi said...

The sets were my favorite part

As far as shows go, I haven't seen a lot of things on Broadway (I don't get to NY nearly enough)but In the Heights is one of my favorites