Saturday, May 02, 2009

AP Saturday

My family used to think I was nuts for going in on a Saturday to help these kids. My dad doesn't understand why I would do this for free. But, after watching me to this for 15 years, everyone is used to my craziness and they all expect it. They would probably think something was wrong if I did not do this the weekend before the exam.

Only 16 showed up for extra help today. At first, I felt bad, but when I saw them work and listened to their questions and their answers, I felt better. They helped each other.

Wednesday can't come too soon!


mathematicamama said...

I met Saturday also, in prepartion for the EOC exams to be given next week. I put up posters in the hall, in my room and in the other geometry room. We offered free pizza for lunch. There are about 300 geometry students in my school. I had 5 attend the tutoring session, and 3 of these were from my honors class.

Pissed Off said...

No free lunch or any incentive, except for extra help.

I plan on meeting with my geometry kids the Sat before the regents. I bet I will get a good turn out--at least half! I'm a great nag.