Thursday, May 07, 2009

Smuggling Judy

I met Judy four years ago when she was a freshman in my first term Math A class. I knew immediately that Judy already knew everything that I could possibly teach her in that class and wanted to move her into a higher level. From experience, I knew that Mr. AP would not agree.

Being sneaky (along with nagging and being persevering) is something I pride myself on doing well. I told a colleague about Judy. Since he was teaching the higher level class that met at the same time as mine, the switch was easy. Together, we approached Ms. Guidance Counselor who agreed to be the third partner in our plan.

I lost touch with Judy. This September I found Judy in my AP calculus class. At first I couldn't remember how I knew her, but she reminded me right away.

We all made the right decision about Judy. She has been ultra successful in high school and is a star in my calculus class. I am sure she will ace the AP exam. She might have done just as well if we hadn't moved her or she might have gotten turned off to math and pursued some other interests.

My next career might be in human cargo. I am good at it! No one got caught.

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jd2718 said...

That bumper sticker is an ad for The Sopranos