Monday, December 01, 2008

A Good Thing

A good thing that came out of Principal Hula's reading of this blog is that I had plenty of chairs in my room this morning.

I did not even need the extra chairs I found in the hallway and greedily carried down the hall to my room!


JUSTICE not "just us" said...

You see how effective you are!
They are a afraid of people with blogs!

Pissed Off said...

I don't think anyone is afraid of me, sorry if I disappoint you.

I really think he was just trying to do the right thing. (OMG--I said something nice about an administrator!)

The Bus Driver said...

yay!!! good for principal hula.. shows he really is listening/reading :)

Anonymous said...

I for one am glad Hula reads our comments. I hope he read the one I wrote about Michael Fullan and being a effective change agent. :)