Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas In Jamaica

This weather is making me nervous.

What if my plane can't get off tomorrow?

I need Jamaican people, Red Stripe and Jamaican Sun.


Chaz said...

I'm so happy for you. The only Jamaica I will be seeing is Jamaica, New York. Not the same thing.

Have a wonderful time.and don't think of the job.

Angela said...

I'm nervous, too! But coming the opposite direction: Ft. Lauderdale to NYC. Not looking forward to the bitter cold, but happy to be with my fiancee.

Doesn't sound like the snow there will be enough to cancel either your flight or mine, only to possibly cause delays. I think we'll both be in each other's part of the world very, very shortly. Woo-hoo!! :-)

Profesora de espaƱol said...

Have a great vacation!

JUSTICE not "just us" said...

You have a friend in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil!

Woody Wood Pecker said...

HO ! HO! HO ! Get off that beach and we're going to get a fire truck,permit and a marching band ! It's a National Public Education rally ! We'll find the baseball stadium !We're here to pick up the bailout package for public education and end the mantades NCLB ! Get with your strategic planning agenda and creativity. We're going to pop that NCLB bubble testing unleashed !Dunking booths set up for reformers. One dollar and take your best shot ! Public Education is not for sale to corporatism !Hoist the lines and cut off their wind,Woody Wood Pecker just blew in !

Woody Pecked A Typo said...

If we had an edit button, could spell end the mandates correctly ! Riding to fast ! Saddle Up !