Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Trouble in Paradise

For my recuperating colleague who is missing all the fun:

Newsflash: Principal Suit and our Chapter leader are having a lovers quarrel. Yes, the two who have not kept their little tryst a secret are openly quarreling. The CL put a notice in every one's mailbox today telling us that Principal Suit does not respect or even like teachers. Now, to teachers this is not newsworthy. We all know how Suit feels about us. He claims we are family, but does not treat us very nicely nor does he give us any respect. What is newsworthy is CL putting it in writing and sharing his views with everyone. Troubles in the bedroom are usually kept private. What comes next? We'll have to wait for the next edition to come out.


17 (really 15) more years said...

Something similar happened with our principal and CL, when the principal dropped a bomb on the CL at a consultation committee meeting. The CL, who fancies herself an administrator in waiting, was totally blindsided. Their love is now a thing of the past. And it's getting mighty ugly around my school.

JUSTICE not "just us" said...

What's next? Porno pictures of them in everyone's mailboxes?
Don't laugh! This happened in one of the schools I worked in(in da Boogie down Bronx). One adminstrator in order to get back at one of his concubines put nakkid pictures of her in every one's mail boxes. It was soo offensive!!! cause she was as ugly as sin!

I LOVE THE DOE. THEY HIRE THE MOST PROFESSIONAL PEOPLE I HAVE SEEN TO RUN SCHOOLS. Keep it on the down low but in my school a certian admistrator is have an affair with the parent coordinator but no one knows about it but the kids!

Anonymous said...

I wish my CL would write such a notice. The only thing she rights is that our admin is all powerful.

proofoflife said...

As a C.L. I hate it when I hear, read that C.L.'s are in bed with the adminstration. I am glad that I believe that if you lay down with dirty dogs you get fleas. MY DOG HAS FLEAS!! NOT ME!!